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What to Know Regarding Strike Plates The security professionals are usually tasked to find out solutions and recommend products in order to make the entryway a lot more secure. So many times, such security recommendations are used for the new construction or the hardware retrofit and the others times, the recommendations are for getting a more secure entry way which are triggered by the breach in security. So many passive security feature hardware makers can be found out there and you don want to look for an electronic and mechanical locking hardware that can provide you more security. These are the excellent options that you may have. There are those high security lock cylinders that are used in deterring manipulation and picking, hardened cylinder pins, saw resistant bolts as well as hardened lock fronts and casings in order to prevent blunt force attacks. Such are excellent features in order to protect the lock hardware but they also fail to address the connection between the jamb and door. There are easy, simple and affordable physical security solutions which offer added security to the entrance to deter attack on the doorjamb. Such would include the latch protectors as well as the security strike plates. You must know that the installation of the security strike plates is a passive security feature that is often overlooked by homeowners. You have to know that security strike plates are much bigger and they are thicker unlike the traditional strike plates and also they are made to give additional fortification around the latch that is extended or deadbolt on the jamb side of the entrance. You have to know that the security strike plates are really very important components of the passive entry security plan and this is going to help deter unauthorized entry through kick-ins, jamb spreading, door prying as well as other action intended to defeat the lock.
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When you are going to search for a security strike, you have to understand that there are actually three important components that you must look for. You have to consider the length of the screws used, the area of the strike, position and the quantity of the screws used to secure the strike.
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You have to understand that the security strike plates are quite effective if the screws are anchored into the stud are installed in a staggered pattern unlike the linear one. With the staggered entry points, there are various anchor locations that are provided at different positions into the stud that add to the strength as well as the ability of the security strike plate. A staggered hole pattern must be incorporated into the product through the security strike plate manufacturer and such feature minimizes the chances of security strike plate from getting removed.