Why Businesses Hire a Recruiting Agency to Find Executives

Human resource (HR) directors, or departments, are great at advertising, interviewing, checking backgrounds, and hiring for most vacant positions in any given company. Entry-level employees, trained technicians, some professionals, and middle management supervisors can be found by the HR department. For positions higher up in the company, such as the middle management vacancies, the HR person is usually joined by an executive, or department head, to help with interviews and selections. Most businesses do not have top level executive positions vacant very often.

When they do have a vacancy at the top level, they hire a Recruiting agency to find the best candidates for the position. That is done for a few reasons. First, businesses often elect not to advertise executive vacancies to the general public. Having a top level position vacant can provide an opportunity for the competition to move ahead in the field. It may also affect the stocks of the company, influence upcoming mergers or acquisitions, and cause speculation. None of that is favorable to any business.

Businesses also do not want to suddenly have hundreds or thousands of applications arriving each day. Agencies that recruit executives know which professionals are top in a field, and most have a database from which to begin a search. Agencies also specialize in finding executives that will fit the business needs, preferences, future goals, and business culture. Recruiters meet with business owners, or other executives at the business, to discuss what is needed; find out what approach the business wants to follow as it works toward objectives; and also help develop a salary and benefits package that will attract the best talent.

The agency interviews qualified candidates, verifies credentials, and completes background checks. That saves the business time and money. The candidates that best suit the qualities the business has identified will be presented by the agency to the business. The business completes final interviews, and selects the executive from those few front runners for the position. Top recruitment agencies are usually retained by large businesses because the turnaround time for filling crucial vacancies is quick; the agency has proven to deliver great candidates for past vacant positions; and it allows businesses to concentrate on operations while the recruiter finds the brightest executives to fill vacancies.